New Guitar

Les Paul Guitar

Les Paul Guitar

I traded in some unneeded music equipment for a new electric guitar yesterday. It was once an instrument I played daily in my younger years, but I transitioned into playing acoustic as my music tastes changed. Now with sights on the rock world again, I picked this up at Gracewinds in Corvallis, OR for a good price. Now begins the inevitable gear purchases… effects, cables, amps, etc. Sometimes I want to make a sound loud and heavy enough that only a distorted guitar can do it justice, so I’m looking forward to adding it to my future projects.

Fall in Philomath

It’s a beautiful time of year in the Pacific Northwest. The leaves are changing, the dry summer is giving way to some fall rain, and the family farms around Philomath and Corvallis are setting up halloween themed family activities. I have written several new piano pieces that are almost ready to go public. I have also made a shift from some new electronic rock demos back to a more acoustic piano and guitar sound. I’m really excited to share it, but am also learning more about mixing and mastering so my upcoming projects sound as professional as possible.

Composer and Digital Artist in Corvallis, Oregon

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